Learn a better career in massage therapy for a brighter tomorrow.

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Learn a better career in massage therapy for a brighter tomorrow.

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Learn a better career in massage therapy for a brighter tomorrow.

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Is Asis Right For You?

Is Massage Therapy School Right For You?

We're passionate about massage therapy and it seems like you're at least curious. If so, you've come to the right place.

As you explore this site, you'll discover helpful information about careers in massage therapy, our accredited full and part-time programs, and our admission requirements. You'll even learn about the many ways you can pay for school.

Our admissions application—the first step on your journey to becoming a professional massage therapist—is literally only a click away. Need some more information first? Learn more about our programs, tuition, and courses of study.

Still have questions? Well, we've got answers. Message us or call us—even if it's just to say hello.

Don't put your dreams on hold any longer. Take control of your future. A new adventure awaits.


Full & Part-time Programs

Fully Accredited Massage Therapy Schools

Full Time Programs

Want to go to school full-time? Our full-time track enables students to complete the program at an accelerated pace, going to school Monday through Friday.

Part Time Programs

If you're unable to attend school full-time, don't worry. We offer a part-time track that gets you on the path to practicing massage therapy on your schedule.

What You'll Learn

Anatomy & Physiology

A study of the structure and function of the systems of the body.

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Connective Tissue Therapy

CTT lengthens the fascial component of chronically shortened muscles allowing them to return to a relaxed state.

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Pregnancy Massage

A thorough introduction to massage therapy techniques to use for pregnant clients.

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Medical Massage

Focuses on musculoskeletal pathologies and how to approach them by using different techniques.

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Neuromuscular Therapy

Focuses on releasing acute or chronically contracted muscles and tendons by applying specific and direct point pressure.

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Exploring the electromagnetic field of the human body through palpation and sensation.

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What Our Graduates Have To Say

“Fantastic school. Opened my mind, heart and soul in every way. It was more than I could ever ask for. What a wonderful experience!”

– Anna

What Our Graduates Have To Say

“The best school and family I have ever had, in my 56 years of life. They will help you with open arms. No other school can compare.”

– Brien E.

What Our Graduates Have To Say

“Going through school during COVID was challenging, but the school worked through every obstacle to do their best for us. Thank you for doing a great job!”

– T.K.

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